General Securities & Finance

With the Capital Market Consolidation Act taking effect, nothing can be more important than ensuring precise interpretations of regulations in the fields of finance and securities and coping with properly. The ever more stringent requirement for investor protection has driven the banks, asset management companies, securities companies, etc., to increase protection of investors, while it has led to securities(funds) class action litigations filed by investors who suffered damages.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC filed litigation against the bank and fund management company for recoveries on behalf of clients who suffered losses from their investments in derivative funds, and won the verdict by proving that the bank which sold the investment funds breached its obligation to protect investors. This verdict is monumental affirmation of the court in securities class action litigation for the obligation of fund-selling banks to protect investors. In addition, HANBYOL LAW, LLC is working closely with financial experts, financial engineers, stock experts, etc., to bring the solutions most suited to concerned areas, which enables us to protect and promote the interests of clients.

Acceptance Financing

Acceptance financing is a mode of financing such as loan, asset-backed securities(ABS) and asset-backed commercial paper(ABCP) issuance which aim to secure the funding to cover the costs of M&A or acquisition of large buildings. In some cases, acceptance financing can take various forms, like establishing and capitalizing the SPC for financing purpose

HANBYOL LAW, LLC brings its extensive know-how in acceptance financing to control legal risks and even assess the feasibility of business with clients, which gives us an added leverage to provide clients with legal services of unmatched professional standards.

Asset-Backed Securitization & Structured Financing

The key to successful legal advice on securitization and structured financing transactions is to ensure correct understanding of transaction structures, thorough review on legality of transaction structures, proposal of solutions, and precise incorporation of relevant parties' intentions into concerned contracts. Since the enactment of the 'Asset-backed Securitization Act' in September 1998, many companies have issued the ABS, ABCP, ABL, etc., for the purpose of financing and revamping their financial structures, which raises the prospect for stronger demand for asset-backed securitization. HANBYOL LAW, LLC will exert the best efforts to provide effective legal advice on securitization and structured financing transactions.

Asset Management

Combining the extensive and rock-solid track record and expertise, HANBYOL LAW, LLC has provided services in an array of legal areas, such as establishment of corporations, license/permit, registration, product development, merger and acquisition(M&A) related to investment trading, deal arranging, collective investment, trust business, investment advisory, and discretionary investment since the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act came into force on February 4, 2009.

Real Estate Financing & Indirect Investment in Real Estates

HANBYOL LAW, LLC has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience which creates a solid foundation to provide legal services of unrivalled quality in areas related to establishment of REITs(Real Estate Investment Trusts) under the Real Estate Investment Company Act, asset management methods for REITs and investor protection, formation and operation of investment trust/investment companies under the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act, special purpose company(SPC) under the Asset-backed Securitization Act, and infrastructure investment and financial companies under the Act on Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure.

Derivatives & Derivative Finance

The Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act, which took effect from early February of 2009, has brought a sea change to regulatory framework of derivatives nationwide. Financial investment instruments can be classified largely into securities and derivatives, depending on the degree of risks. Of derivatives, the exchange-traded derivatives refer to derivatives, such as forward contracts, options and swaps, which are traded on exchanges. Meanwhile, over-the-counter derivatives can take the form of forward contracts, options and swaps, which are traded off exchanges. HANBYOL LAW, LLC will always maintain clear focus on its vision to provide the legal services meeting the highest professional standards in areas of counsel, litigation and a broad array of other related matters associated with derivatives in order to ensure that our clients can cope effectively with the rapidly changing domestic and international financial environment.

Project Financing

Project Financing is a useful finance arrangement for overseas construction and large-scale projects. The lender considers the future cash flow from specific project as major source for disbursement of principal and interest on loan and provides a project company, a separate entity, with the loans secured against only tangible and intangible assets of the project.

With a clear focus on ensuring that clients can proceed with their projects stably, HANBYOL LAW, LLC is well-positioned to deliver legal services of unparalleled quality in areas of project financing by bringing a unique blend of its extensive experience, expertise and track records in providing advice on project financing related to SPC(Special Purpose Company) and PFV(Project Financing Vehicle), the entities established by the concessionaire to carry out projects, and counsel for financial institutions and other stakeholders involved in project financing.

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