General Civil Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC offers a unique blend of the extensive expertise and know-how of attorneys who have amassed a depth and breadth of enormous experience and capabilities through years of works in courts and Prosecutors' Offices and creative and competent young attorneys, which enable us to provide clients with services of unrivalled quality in all aspects of litigations.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides clients with services of unmatched quality in a broad array of legal aspects pertaining to property rights arising from overall legal relationship including the loan for consumption, lease, registration, traffic accident, occupational injury, medical accident, inheritance, divorce, division of property, commercial disputes, and religious matters in a variety of general civil disputes.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC conducts extensive preliminary legal review and research in conjunction with experts in professional civil areas related to general civil disputes and leverages its in-depth know-how accumulated through many years of experience, which has allowed us to provide unparalleled quality of legal services and earn deep trust of clients.

In addition, HANBYOL LAW, LLC has provided the top-class legal services in the representation of individual clients in an entire range of disputes related to defect product liability under Civil Act and Product Liability Act which came into force from July 01, 2002. Moreover, HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides preliminary legal counsel necessary to prevent disputes.

General Criminal Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC's dedication to provide expeditious legal service is what sets us apart from others in the areas of criminal litigations in which quick response hold the key to winning the case. We respond quickly and expeditiously throughout all stages of legal processes ranging from the earliest investigation phase of the police and Prosecutors to the post-indictment phase of criminal cases.

Protection of suspect's human rights is of utmost importance in the phase of investigation conducted by prosecution organizations including the police and prosecutors. HANBYOL LAW, LLC stands firm on its belief in fairness and uses the capabilities of our attorneys to promote human rights. We are fully committed to ensuring protection of human rights and proper response to safeguard their rights which can be violated during investigation processes in criminal cases under the guidance of our experienced professional attorneys with unrivalled depth of experience and zeal for righteousness.

Our clear focus on rectifying loopholes in prosecutors' investigation, combined with our extensive track records in litigation processes and unparalleled depth of expertise and experience in all aspects of criminal cases, has earned us our reputation for ensuring fairness and protection of defendants' rights.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC runs a task force system to manage counsel and attorneys, which has provided a unique platform for expeditious and professional response to criminal cases associated with corporate operations. Each task force is formed by our respective sector-focused lawyers to deal with each criminal case in a comprehensive and professional manner and provide necessary legal services throughout all aspects of laws, such as white color crime, tax crime, customs duty crime, financial crime, securities-related crime, construction and real estate-related crime, and intellectual property-related crime, etc., across a wide spectrum of procedures including relevant supervisory organizations' investigation procedures, prosecution procedures and criminal procedures.

Construction & Real Estate Litigation

We provide unrivalled legal services in a broad scope of disputes, such as complex disputes over redevelopment and reconstruction, disputes arising from bids for construction projects of national and local government bodies, disputes related to real estate trust and collateral trust, and disputes related to environment, including the litigations in typical construction and distribution areas such as the claims for receivables in construction projects, claims for repair of defects, and claim for certification of status of distributors.

In particular, we provide services on a full range of legal issues, including the advice and litigations related to various construction-related claims and litigations, advice and litigations in an entire scope of legal issues related to construction contracts such as receivables for construction works, repair of defects, delay penalty, inspection of operation, etc., advice and litigation in various aspects of legal matters related to development and reconstruction, and services in full array of legal issues related to real estate construction.

Moreover, HANBYOL LAW, LLC has the most effective system built on our unmatched breadth and depth of experience and expertise amassed through years of our service as legal advisor of the Korea Association of Realtors(KAR), which provides us with a solid basis to capably prevent or resolve disputes arising in connection with real estate brokerage.

Redevelopment & Reconstruction Litigation

Redevelopment and reconstruction are not only inherently prone to numerous legal disputes but also causes conflicts of interest among many stakeholders in the process of project implementation, leading to highly complicated and diverse legal disputes.

Meanwhile, these redevelopment and reconstruction give rise to a variety of social problems in the course of performance of projects which tend to span long period of time despite such complexity and diversity and have entire assets of interested parties at stake.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC has a reconstruction/development team of attorneys with extensive expertise in this area, providing solutions to the issues arising from redevelopment and reconstruction to complete satisfaction of clients.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC promises to deliver top-class services in all aspects of legal disputes in whole processes ranging from the launch of redevelopment/reconstruction projects to their completion, including: consultation on legal issues over the launch of redevelopment/reconstruction projects, project permit and authorization of management/disposition plan; litigations related to revocation of formation of redevelopment/reconstruction association election and voting of chairman of the association, and litigation for confirmation of nullification; application for disposition against temporary status of chairman and officials of the association, revocation of varied administrative dispositions in regard to competent authorities and redevelopment/reconstruction association, and litigation for confirmation of nullification; application for suspension of execution, claim against the associations and constructors for damages; criminal proceedings in respect of actions of chairman and officials of the association; and resolution of varied disputes and litigations in the course of redevelopment/reconstruction projects.

Taxation Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides professional legal services, including expert advice and guidance from its seasoned attorneys who have specialization in tax laws and extensive track record of dealing with a broad range of tax matters, such as application for review of legality before taxation, administrative adjudication, and administrative litigation. In business sector, we deliver services such as legal advice and litigation in an entire scope of legal issues related to corporate tax, income tax, customs duties, etc. Additionally, we address the legal concerns of individual business operators with our legal services such as litigation related to VAT(Value-Added Tax), income tax, transfer tax, local tax, and consultation on tax saving, etc.

Administrative Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC brings its unmatched breadth and depth of experience and know-how in a broad range of administrative litigations related to taxation, fair trade, environmental regulations, transportation, construction, land planning, land expropriation, various dues, etc., HANBYOL LAW, LLC also provides constitutional litigation services, such as application for Constitutional Court's review of constitutionality in regard to administrative laws and regulations, which attests to our dedication to ensuring remedies against infringement upon basic rights of clients.

Our goal is to raise the bar on legal services with our full dedication to our clients by drawing on our extensive experience with a variety of administrative litigations in a wide array of legal matters, including: litigation for revocation of various restrictions such as penalties imposed by the Fair Trade Commission(FTC): litigation for revocation of various restrictions imposed pursuant to environmental laws; litigation for revocation of dispositions related to transportation license and transportation route assignment; litigation for revocation of dispositions pertaining to unfair restriction on businesses and construction business license; litigation for revocation of rejection or cancellation of license/permit related to varied land utilization plan; litigation for land expropriation and increase of compensations; litigation for revocation of imposition of congestion charge, development charge, traffic induction charge, etc., arising in connection with development projects.

Insurance Litigation

Domestic insurance industry has carved out the 7th largest share of global market by premium receipts and has continued on steady growth path in terms of asset size compared to that of other financial institutions including banks.

As the financing banking and trend towards ultra-large financial institutions are likely to gather pace in the wake of the enactment of the Capital Market Consolidation Act, the focus of supervision of insurance companies is expected to shift towards risks.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides clients with unrivalled quality of legal services, including the advice covering a broad range of legal issues such as disputes over regulations governing the insurance companies, development of insurance commodities, interpretation of insurance policies, incomplete contract, M&A of insurance companies, transfer of contracts, and representation of clients in legal disputes based on efficient structure of our practice that enables immediate response to ever-changing legal market.

Financial Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC has handled litigations related to derivatives, such as futures options, Daewoo bond and non-Daewoo bond repurchase, etc., as well as securities-related litigations arising from market manipulation, stock price manipulation, discretionary transaction and others. In particular, HANBYOL LAW, LLC has demonstrated its unrivalled excellence of services in areas of litigations involving unspecified money trust, real estate trust, etc., litigations linked to project financing, shareholder derivative litigation and others, while mapping out practical countermeasures against securities-related class action system.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC has shown stellar performance in areas of finance-related litigations, including the litigation for damages arising from off-shore fund and futures contract', the so-called private version Kiko(kick-in kick-out) contracts which recently triggered public criticism, and Woori Bank's Power Income Fund litigation.

Medical Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides solutions optimized for a whole array of medical disputes and litigations. The complexity inherent in medical specialty makes it hard to navigate through medical dispute and litigation processes, and furthermore, the burden of proof is often placed on patients. For that reason, medical dispute and litigation need professional assistance based on medical facts and laws more than those of other areas.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides clients with services of unmatched excellence underpinned by collection of earliest evidences and statements of medical malpractices, analyses of the malpractices from medical angle, and investigation of accumulated cases and judicial precedents.

Family Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides legal services in vast array of family issues such as divorce, parental authority, testament, inheritance, legal reserve of inheritance, limited acceptance, etc. Legal services in all aspects of domestic issues have taken on an added importance to accommodate the changes and expansion of the realm in which family relations are affected by the laws in ever-changing society.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC draws on wisdom that derives from experience and knowledge and takes the standpoint of clients instead of literal-minded view of the laws, which allows us to provide high quality legal services that bring nothing less to clients than complete satisfaction.

Labor Litigation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides services in an entire scope of laws, including: litigations associated with labor contract; litigations related to broad range of labor issues such as dismissal arising from restructuring or M&A; litigations related to wage and retirement benefits arising from changes in labor relationship after M&A, occupational injury, transfer of workers from large group companies to affiliates; and litigations related to labor matters such as return of overseas training grant, etc.

Media Litigation

Abusing the freedom of speech may cause damage to reputation of individual or creditability of businesses. HANBYOL LAW, LLC is committed to preventing the rights of the public from being violated by the media's reckless exercise of the freedom of speech and to restoring the clients' infringed rights, including their personality right.

HANBYOL LAW, LLC provides a full range of legal services, including: advice on application for refuting reports, filing complaints with the Press Arbitration Commission(PAC), criminal defamation (libel) cases against the media, litigation for damages, application for provisional injunction against broadcasting and media report dissemination, etc.

Election Litigation & Political Consultation

HANBYOL LAW, LLC has an unrivalled breadth and depth of direct and indirect experience with elections for public offices to provide a wide range of services of unparalleled quality in various litigations and political consultation, such as pleading in criminal cases involving the breach of the Public Official Election Act, litigations for nullification of voting or annulment of election, filing of petition with the Constitutional Court, preventive measure or countermeasure planning against various election crimes, and consultation on efficient formation and operation processes of election committees, etc.

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